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Hegel's Science of Logic in D3.js

Science of Logic snapshot

Interactive visualisation for the exploration of this highly structured work of philosophy. Featured on Philosophy Matters and

Spinoza's Ethics in D3.js

A force graph

A directed interactive force-graph of the logical connections in Spinoza's Ethics.

Tumblr blog growth tracking


Visualising the social media follower growth of automated Tumblr image blogs using Python and Plotly.

Deaths from Terrorism in Western Europe

Terrorism Deaths

An interactive chart of terrorism related deaths in Western Europe 1970-2015.

A map of recent monitoring surveys

PIMS map snapshot

An interactive map of recent WASH post-implementation monitoring surveys.

Directory tree visualiser in D3.js

Directory tree visualiser

Tool to parse a directory structure into JSON and make a navigable tree of it using D3.js.

Radio box controller

Radio Box

Custom controller made out of a vintage radio with a screen and Arduino controller. Unity game where you fly a zeppelin on Venus. Alt Ctrl Jam 2014 winner - collaboration with Robin Baumgarten. Exhibited in Berlin and San Francisco



Custom controller made with three independently moving motorised wheels. Exhibited at GDC 2016 San Francisco. Collaboration with Robin Baumgarten.

Stir Mercury


Puzzle game on a dodecahedral board made for the 7DRL jam intended for further development on AR devices.



Game about high-frequency foreign exchange trading.

18 Quintillion

18 Quintillion

A one-button game to explore 18 quintillion worlds.



Retro game for surfing the wave of creation in a plastic tank. GBJam 2015