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Hegel's Science of Logic in D3.js

Science of Logic snapshot

An interactive visualisation for the exploration of this highly structured work of philosophy.

Spinoza's Ethics

A force graph

A directed interactive force-graph of the logical connections in Spinoza's Ethics.

Tumblr blog growth tracking


Visualising the social media follower growth of automated Tumblr image blogs

Deaths from Terrorism in Western Europe

Terrorism Deaths

An interactive chart of terrorism related deaths in Western Europe 1970-2015.

25 clocks

A grid of clocks

A grid of clocks in D3 for the places I most often need to call.

A map of recent PIMS surveys

PIMS map snapshot

An interactive map of recent WASH post-implementation monitoring surveys.

Directory tree visualiser in D3.js

Directory tree visualiser

Tool to parse a directory structure into JSON and make a navigable tree of it using D3.js.